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oh well by Paint-kyn
oh well
that's one of the reasons why i draw so slow
Sketch Set by Paint-kyn
Sketch Set
i finally have internet in my new house * - *
though it's really really slow..
ah, sorry, i didn't pay lot of attentiot to cm cuz of one problem with sai that i fixed just on days
but i almost have done coloring a character and soon i'll start drawing bg ; v ;
anyway i'll submit this sketch set
hope you'll like it! \o
Mascot (and history): Nersil (2nd suit) by Paint-kyn
Mascot (and history): Nersil (2nd suit)
i can't draw something serious like commissions now so i draw sketches
that's my OC

NAME: Nersil
RACE: Ōkami / wolf / werewolf
AGE: 17
HIGHT: 172 cm
WEIGHT: 59 kg
TITLE: Commander-in-Chief / Emperor's Great Knight
WEAPON: handed sword (silver)

HISTORY (lol i'm not a good writer so don't be mad at me, it's just a story of my character ; v ; ):

Nersil is a son of C-in-C and his yong wife. He was a little shy boy that never goes anywhere without his mother. His only friend was his elder brother William. When he was 4 someone set fire to his house. Nersil was in Emperor's castle with his father in that moment, but his mother and brother were in house. Commander ran home to save his wife and son. But it was too late, house collapsed and no one of them got out alive. William burned to the ground and his body wasn't found. Little Nersil was depressed for a whole month, Empress and two young princes, Emperor's sons (elder (7 years old) Malinor and younger (6 years old) Marchen), were looking after him.
After a month of mourning for parents and brother, Nersil swore an oath to the Emperor, that he will be the new chief of the empire and will serve faithfully for new emperor Malinor until their death. And after that he became a third, youngest prince and new C-in-C of empire.

When Nersil became 13 someone revealed that his elder brother William is alive. And what's more, he was the one who set fire to the house. Nersil flew into a rage. He couldn't belive that his dear brother, who was looking for him for whole 4 years, killed their parrents. The next day Nersil announced that William declared wanted, but it wasn't required. William sent a letter to his younger brother with an invitation to a duel. Nersil couldn't disagree. Without telling anything to princes, he went to a duel.

When he came to a specified location, there was a man. Yes, it is truly his elder brother. He was older than in the day of his "death" (now he was 20), but it was William. Before duel he told to Nersil the reason of his murder:
"When you're not even born, I had a family. I had my father and mother and everything was beautiful. But my mother was a racist, she despised this people's race (he talking about Nersil's race) and father didn't like that. I understand my mother, I hate this people too.. But I don't know why I do this. It's not fair. I knew it. So when mother went from father I stayed with him. I wanted to be better person.. I did not know that he will bring her.
A slave, young beautiful woman, a human of that race. She crashed my life. Soon they're married. I hated her more than ever that day. Even though she was so kind to me, like I was her own son.. But she understood how I hated her. She was afraid of me. I was trying to imagine that she is a human too (oh, and she was a human-wolf, people like her don't have ears and tail), but how could a slave be a human?
Time has passed and you're born. You know, I hated you even more than your mother.. you both were so similar. And only one thing stoped me from killing you - you were a son of my father too. I thought you will be just as he, as brave and strong. It was a big mistake. You were absolutely like your mother, weak and helpless.. like those slaves. But I WAS looking for you. She was still afraid of me, afraid of that I'll kill you. I wanted do this but how could I kill my little brother?
You became very kind boy, though you were really shy. But you wasn't afraid of me.. you never thought that I wanted to kill you whole this time. But she knew this. She didn't let you go with me. Who knows, maybe one day I would have killed you.
Then when you became 4 you, your mother and father went to Emperor's castle. I'm sure you didn't remember the first time you were here, because it was in your first birthday... You wanted me to go with you, remember? Ohh, you was so afraid. I would never forget that face you made, like I'm the only person who can save you. But I didn't go. I supposed to study, I supposed to be the best substitute to father. After that day she came home. Alone. Even you weren't with her. I think she was feeling bad so she went sleep. I thought that it's a wonderful chance. Yes. This idea couldn't go away. So... I KILLED HER. Yes, I was the one who set a fire. Yes, I really, REALLY wanted to kill her. I never imagined that father.. that he would come to save her. When they both were dead I just ran away. I wasn't really afraid if someone guess that I killed them. I just could not look you in the eye after that. After you realize that I killed your dear parents... But not now. You know, I think I did all of this right. They both deserve to die. And you deserve to die!..."

After hour or two Nersil came back to the castle. In the throne room was all royal family. And they were very shocked when he threw at their feet..
a head of his brother.

All next week Emperor was very angry at his youngest son. He wanted to expel him from the empire. But Empress and princes persuaded him not to do this.
All this week Nersil was feeling as bad as in the day of his parent's death. But after that he decided to be more stronger and asked for forgiveness from the Emperor. And Emperor, of course, forgave him. He was a kind man and understanding father, so he gave to a boy one more chance.

Through one year Empress died, and Emperor was silenced to death.. He passed away half a year after her death.

And then the new Emperor ascended the throne. That was Malinor. His younger brother Marchen became a Chief Adviser to The Emperor and The Imperial Army Tactician. And the youngest brother Nersil became a Emperor's Great Knight and Commander-in-Chief of empire.

And so it went on for 2,5 years, until one war...
ok, if someone here is a real masochist and read it all to the end, then wait for continue until next Nersil's mascot <D
lol and thanks for reading if you really did it!.. O-o


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